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Small business success in finding & developing employees

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In our recent article, “Seven Creative Ways to Find and Develop New Employees” we explain what you as a small business owner can do to make sure that you are hiring employees who will continue to add to your company for many years to come. 

This article mainly focuses on hiring new employees that you know have the necessary credentials to work at and support your company so that you can develop these employees as your company grows.  After all, it is much easier (and more cost efficient) to hire and develop an employee who you know is a good fit for your company than to repeatedly hire and fire employees who are unable to meet the demands of your company or who are not qualified for the position. 

One tip presented by the article is to consider hiring a professional employer organization, or employee leasing.  These companies take care of administrative tasks as well as aid in recruitment.  Check out the article for the other tips!

We look forward to adding to these 6 tips - where have you found success in finding new employees? 

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